Learn the must-have resources for non-profit organizations today

The Must-Have Collection Of Resources For Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations run the gamut in terms of missions, services and sizes. One thing most non-profits do have in common though is a near-constant need for additional funding to alleviate their cash-strapped books. While some organizations, especially larger non-profits, can somewhat rely on revenue from services provided to keep operations going many get the majority of their income from grants, foundations and other charitable efforts.

The processes required to obtain these types of assistance can be incredibly complex and dependent upon a familiarity with various organizations and their particular stipulations. It’s a confusing world especially if you’re new to the world of non-profit funding. Fortunately, there are many different resources available that can illuminate the process including the new cloud-based service, donasity, which aims to better connect non-profit organizations with funding opportunities that are right for them.

Government Organizations

There are many different state-run associations that act as a vital resource for the non-profit organizations in their area. Depending upon the particular state, services offered may include consulting, conferences, database of forms and materials, workshops and more. These associations are administered by the National Council of Non-Profits, and you can find the state association serving your area by going to their website.

Grant Directories

Grant directories can be wonderful resources for development managers and grant writers who are new to the fundraising arena, or who are just looking to discover new sources of funding that are available. There are many sites available that allow you to search for grants by area, but databases such as Foundation Directory Online go even further by including extras such as assessment tools that determine if a particular grant is a good match for your organization. They can also help you keep track of your history with various organizations and maintain a running list of tasks that must be completed for grant applications.

Non-Profit Consultants

Some consulting organizations work specifically with non-profits and are well-versed in the various fundraising and development opportunities that are available. They may work with you to develop or hone an overall fundraising plan or they also may have personnel available to assist you with specific tasks such as grant writing. The most complete list of consultants who have extensive non-profit experience can be found by visiting Alliance for Nonprofit Management, or by talking to a representative at donasity.

Professional Associations

In many ways, running a non-profit, even a small one, is very similar to running a large corporation. Even if you specialize in providing one service your administrative needs cover everything from legal to accounting and human resources. The difference is that you likely don’t have the budget to pay highly skilled professionals a full salary. Professional associations will often lend volunteers to help cover these areas for you.

donasity’s Fundraising Portal

donasity is a new, cloud-based portal with a mission of connecting non-profit organizations and donors, making it easy for both groups to find a match that will further enhance their goals. While other web-based resources, such as GoFundMe, have existed for a while, donasity aims to change the game by combining all 501(c) non-profit organizations into one searchable database, and by offering its services to donors for a flat, percentage-based transaction fee.

Non-profits or charitable organizations who want to experience the difference offered by donasity can easily sign up today and start raising funds for your organization or cause.


The Must-Have Collection Of Resources For Non-Profit Organizations