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Digital Solutions Tailored To Nonprofits

You can’t expect to run a successful organization in the 21st century without relying on effective digital platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 corporation, or a sole person raising money for a cause. No matter what size your organization is, utilizing the right resources can mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s not necessary to bust your budget purchasing expensive software licenses that are scaled to benefit large companies either. Your organization needs digital solutions that were created with you in mind, and are built to meet your specific needs.

Development Management

Not having your ducks in a row can be embarrassing and even disastrous when it comes to donor management. Most non-profits live and die by the generosity of individual and corporate donors, so it’s crucial to show them that you treat those relationships with the importance that they deserve. Doing otherwise can sour your reputation in the community and cost you donations in the future.

One feature that many non-profit organizations find extremely helpful about donasity, is that our cloud-based platform lets them create, host, promote, and manage fundraisers quickly and easily. Keeping track of your current donor base is as simple through our intuitive reporting system. This makes keeping in touch with your donors an easy and painless process. We even help get the end-of-the-year giving reports together for all of your donors.


When receiving donations from your supporters, it’s important to remember that in this digital age, cyber security is an absolute must. As your organization grows, you may be responsible for a large database of personal financial records and how you protect that says a lot about your organization.

One of the five key values is “Protection” – which means we invest in a state-of-the-art platform to ensure that when donors give to a cause, they can rest easy knowing that their personal information will never be compromised. Ensuring that donors are protected when they choose to give is very important, and something we take very seriously.

Jumpstart your fundraising efforts with donasity

One important distinction between donasity and the wide range of software solutions on the market is that donasity is not software based – there are no downloads, nothing to purchase, and no plugins. Everything is hosted on our ultra-secure, cloud-based platform, and goes far beyond anything else on the market.

We are dedicated to helping nonprofits fulfill their mission by connecting them with the donors who can help them the most. We also strive to ensure that donors get the most out of their contributions by introducing them to compatible and reputable organizations.

It’s simple for nonprofits to register, there are no registration or subscription fees, and starting a fundraiser takes less than 8 minutes to complete. Consult with one of donasity’s free fundraising experts, and discover how donasity can be your partner in realizing your goals.