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5 Tips on Asking for Donations

Online giving has opened up new worlds for non-profit organizations. With mobile devices and social media at everyone’s fingertips around the clock, it’s easier than ever to spread the word and find your audience. But, it’s not enough to toss up a fundraiser and expect the money to flow in. By now, nearly every organization knows the importance of online giving and is competing for attention and funds.

To make your campaign a success, you have to know how to ask for funds in a way that appeals to your target audience, showcases your organization and breaks down the barriers to giving.

Know Your Potential Donors

 When setting up a fundraising campaign, it’s tempting to try to appeal to everyone. While casting a wide net will help you bring in a larger pool of donors, it can also backfire by becoming too generic. Before they give, donors need to identify with your organization. Determine your target audience and then make sure your content is speaking to them directly. Find out what they are passionate about, what objections they have to giving and if they are repeat donors or giving newcomers. Then, tailor your campaign so that it is appealing to those most likely to give.

Make a Specific Request

 Allowing open-ended contributions of any amount is an excellent way to open up giving opportunities to everyone, but it also puts the burden of deciding what to give on the donor. Rather than guessing at an appropriate amount and wondering what it will be used for, many donors prefer a more guided approach. Consider the difference between, “Please donate to the food bank” and “Please give $20 to provide a meal for a family of four.” The second option ties a dollar amount to the impact it can make.

Offer Giving Opportunities at a Variety of Price Points

 While you are determining those specific requests, don’t forget to space them out over a wide price range. Small donations add up to make a big impact and will encourage first-time donors to get involved. On the flip side, limiting a campaign to micro donations can be discouraging to donors that want to open their wallets a little wider.

Make an Emotional Connection

A big part of asking for donations is showcasing the need  in letting donors see how good it feels to give. That means a fundraising campaign can’t be all dollars and cents. There needs to be an emotional component as well. Make the mission come alive by telling a story, using photos or videos and asking past donors, service recipients and volunteers to share testimonies.

Make it Easy to Give

Once donors are ready to give don’t scare them away with clumsy, multi-page online forms or the hassle of complicated profiles. Instead, choose a giving platform, such as donasity that streamlines online giving. While a simple selection and checkout process, donasity makes charitable giving ever easier than online shopping.

At donasity, we are dedicated to providing the most secure and smartest way to give for individual causes and organizations seeking support. Setting up a fundraiser takes less than 8 minutes, and is available in English and Spanish. Contact us today to learn more about registering your non-profit organization, starting a fundraiser, or donating to any of the active fundraisers or charities on our platform.