Giving is Good & Can Enhance Your Health

Giving is Good & Can Enhance Your Health

The concept of giving has been associated with the heart of a person.

Something happens to a person when he or she donates time, effort, or money. It is not an easy thing to describe, but it is there. Donasity understands how precious donating can be, not just to the charities you help but to you, the donor, too. Believe it or not, giving can help improve your health.

Pleasure Centers are Activated by Giving

Neuroscientists have observed that the pleasure a person receives from giving to others is similar to the pleasure we receive from positive social rewards. But while the approval of strangers or even friends might not always be forthcoming, you can choose to donate to a charity at any time and get that lovely shot of dopamine to make you feel good.

Why it Feels Good

There are three types of pleasure associated with giving to a fundraiser or charity:

  • The internal feel-good glow
  • A sense of usefulness
  • A feeling of social reward or approval

The internal feel-good glow or warm glow is an emotional reaction you feel about yourself for doing the right thing – sort of “what a good boy/girl am I!”

The sense of usefulness or “agency” is more about the benefits you provide to others. It’s not that you think you’re good – it’s that you think you’ve done some good. It’s the pleasure associated with doing a job right, accomplishing something useful.

The pleasure of reward or approval is the positive feeling you get when we know others think well of us – or would think of us if they were to learn of the donation. We all want to be thought well of, and charitable giving is almost universally admired in others. Some people also find pleasure in making a big impression through their wealth, and donating a conspicuously large amount can satisfy this desire.

Feeling Good Might Extend Your Life

The moment you give something away, the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin are released in the body. These chemicals help get rid of stress neurotransmitters like cortisol, an overabundance of which can wreak havoc on your psychological and physical health, contributing to insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor blood circulation, and other ailments.

This may be why giving is associated with improved health and increased life expectancy. A study of elderly people showed that those who volunteered for two or more organizations were 44 percent less likely to die within five years, after controlling for age and other variables.

So that makes a fourth way that giving feels good. It feels good to feel that you are good. It feels good to do good. It feels good to be thought good. And finally, it feels good because it is good for you.

Do some good for yourself and others, and give to one of the many charities that use the Donasity fundraising platform. Donasity offers a low-cost, simple way to launch fundraising initiatives for any cause, including those that are social, environmental, educational, animal-, community- and arts-related. Learn more to launch your own fundraiser.