Four Keys to Successful Fundraiser Naming

Four Keys to Successful Fundraiser Naming

The name of a fundraiser is one of the most important aspects of its marketing and potentially one of the most effective tools available to the fundraising coordinator.

A name is the first impression that the fundraiser makes, and of course you get only one chance to make a first impression. Let’s make sure you do it right.

Name Your Cause

A campaign name should identify the beneficiary, whether it be a person, a group, or cause. The beneficiary is not your organization; it’s who or what your organization is raising funds for, like homeless children in Jacksonville, manatees, or the visual arts in Florida.

The name should also reflect how the campaign will benefit the beneficiary. “Homes for Homeless Kids,” for example, gives a good idea of the fundraiser’s objective.

Make it Searchable

Next, put yourself in the shoes of a potential donor, who might have heard about the cause on the radio or via word of mouth, but doesn’t have your URL or even remember the name or your organization. She will probably Google it, so the fundraiser’s name should include the words she’s likely to use in her search. (Think: fundraiser + Orlando + art-in-schools.) Including the location in the name is important only if the fundraiser benefits a local entity: otherwise, leave it out. If it’s a national cause, the donor doesn’t care where your office is.

Provoke Compassion

Many potential donors will decide if they are going to read more about a cause based solely on the name, so choose words that urge action, stir sympathy, or inspire. To inject inspiration into Arts in Orlando, a better name might be Arts for All Orlando. Verbs are also good to inspire action: think “save,” “learn,” “restore,” etc.

Simplicity is Key

Probably the trickiest part is to keep it simple while keeping the first three tips in mind. Naming the benefactor, provoking compassion, and making the campaign searchable are not easy to do in four or five words. Don’t get carried away making the title sound awesome and clever and 100 percent self-explanatory and inspiring, because it also has to be brief enough to be memorable.

Many organizations attack the task of naming a fundraiser by brainstorming it. Get your team together to throw out words and phrases without constraints, write them down on a whiteboard, and keep going until it’s full. Then narrow that long list down to what people agree are some of the most effective words and phrases, and keep narrowing the list until you begin to zero in on choices that do the best job covering the most bases.

After you’ve decided on your fundraiser’s name, get it up and running on Donasity, a fundraising platform that’s simple and cost-effective. Or contact us before you have the name. We’ll be glad to help.