What is donasity?

donasity is a secure, bilingual, online fundraising platform available to all charities, but targeted especially to benefit small charities and individual fundraisers and increase their visibility.

To donors, we bill ourselves as “The Smartest Way to Give.” The site was started in October, 2015, by Oliver Brown and James Healy, who are passionate about helping others and giving back to their community. Although we are initially focusing our marketing efforts in Florida, organizations all around the USA are already realizing the benefits of the platform to raise funds for initiatives whose scope ranges from local to international.

The name “donasity” is a combination of “donation” and “generosity,” reflecting the organization’s five values:

  1. People: We have a strong team of people
  2. Platform: We have a robust platform
  3. Plan: We have a strategy for success
  4. Programs: We tailor offerings to fit specific needs
  5. Protection: Critical information is safe with us

How much does it cost?

Local charities can either create a specific fundraiser or register as a non-profit. Donors pay a fee of 4.95% on their donation. This flat fee is all inclusive: there are no hidden fees or costs to the fundraising organization, which receives 100% of the donated funds.

How does it work?

Nonprofit organizations register NPOs and set up profiles on the website: there is no software to purchase or download. Nonprofits can then promote their organization through their profiles and may also set up discrete fundraisers. Individuals are able to set up fundraisers to help friends or family who are in need. There are certain parameters that fundraisers must meet, and they must be need-based. All fundraisers go through an approval process and all NPOs must be registered prior to creating any fundraisers for their group.

donasity utilizes Stripe as its payment portal, and all donations are processed and transferred through that interface. The setup is quick and simple, and donasity offers assistance through the web and via telephone. Stripe offers the highest level of security to donors and organizations in the processing of payments.

Giveback program

Each month donasity rewards all registered NPOs on their site that meet the following criteria:

  • Only tax-exempt non-profits are eligible
  • The organization must have run a Fundraiser that concluded in that month
  • The NPO’s fundraiser must have had a campaign goal of at least $2,500
  • The organization must have met their Fundraiser goal

The amount of the monthly giveback varies, and is based upon a percentage calculated from donasity’s profit during the month. These giveback donations are also transferred via Stripe. Interested organizations must sign up for this program upon completion of their registration with donasity.

Organizations using donasity

Nonprofit organizations in all fields can use donasity for raise funds, including those that focus on arts and culture, education, environment, disaster relief, health and medical issues, animals and humane issues, and more. Some registered users in Florida include:

Florida Literary Arts Organization

Save the Manatee Club

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Friends of Eldersource

Saint Paul School of Excellence

Global Hope Network International

It’s easy to register, easy to raise funds and your profile, and easy to give on donasity. Learn more about donasity and bring your fundraising online today.