How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

According to’s 2015-2016 Crowdfunding industry report, reward and donation crowdfunding generated $5.5 billion dollars worldwide in 2015. What does this mean for your non-profit organization? It means that if you implement crowdfunding into your nonprofit’s fundraising campaign, you’ll have access to an enormous pool of donors and potential donations.

You’ll need a reliable, cost-efficient, and easy to use fundraising platform to capitalize on the potential for crowdfunding your cause. donasity has you covered on all three fronts.

donasity is Reliable

One of the most important factors in choosing a crowdfunding platform is reliability. Potential donors need to be able to trust that the money contributed through the platform is actually going to the cause.

donasity uses Stripe, an international online payment processor that facilitates billions of dollars in transactions annually in over 25 countries. Donors pay a flat 4.95% transaction fee, while the full amount of their donation goes directly to the cause.

donasity is Easy to Use

You need a platform in which you don’t have to invest valuable time to learn how it works.

donasity has a simple registration process for nonprofits. You provide some basic information to prove your status as a nonprofit. This generates an access code that brings you to the page where you connect your Stripe account. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to start raising funds.

For donors, we’ve made the hurdles to giving as low as possible to make it super easy to give. All they have to do is create a free account on and enter their banking information. He or she can then easily browse causes and donate with the click of a button.

donasity is Reasonably Priced

Especially for small nonprofits, cost-efficiency is a high priority. donasity has two versions: Standard and Premier.

Standard is the free version. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s light on functionality. You can start unlimited fundraisers, get unlimited web hosting, and enjoy a slew of other features, including top-level security for your organization and your donors.

The premier version costs just $29.99 a month and has a ton of useful features to make your fundraising more effective. These include:

  • a custom donation basket
  • custom reporting
  • access to data on thousands of other nonprofit organizations
  • reduced-cost customized assistance in planning your fundraisers
  • a dedicated account manager
  • reporting access by a larger number of permitted users

But don’t let price hang you up. If you’re unsure about committing to $29.99/month, or you’re planning just a one-time fundraiser, you’ll be delighted by the capabilities of the free Standard version. You can always start with a Standard membership and upgrade to Premier at any time.

Check out donasity’s non profit registration page and start making a difference with your fundraising efforts today.