Donasity reassures Donors of Full Compliance with PCI Standards

Donasity reassures Donors of Full Compliance with PCI Standards

Technology makes life easier, but sometimes “easy” comes an unintended cost.

For example, internet technology has made it easy to pay bills, shop and even make charitable contributions online, but those transactions can be vulnerable to cyber thieves.

Cyber criminals have targeted government institutions, retail companies and hospitals. They made away with information about users and credit card details that they are used to make fraudulent online purchases.

The founders of donasity, an online platform that allows people to donate to charitable causes, have pledged to keep those transactions safe and secure.

The donasity platform is a cloud-based portal that is dedicated to making it easy and convenient to donate online. It was started by a group of friends and associates who have a passion for charity. They felt that there was a need to helping different communities by giving them a platform that is easy to use and secure to hold fundraisers.

Their donasity technical team has taken enough precautions to ensure that donors are not left vulnerable to attacks when they enter their information. The donasity platform sought PCI compliance to facilitate its operations. PCI compliant websites are safe from attack hence a donor is assured of safety when he or she donates money through their credit cards.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of standards developed to ensure that all organizations that deal with credit cards store user data and credit card information securely.

The PCI DSS is administered and run by individuals nominated by the major credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, to ensure the implementation of agreed-upon policies.

Credit cards users can fund their charity of choice on the donasity platform without fearing that their information might be stolen by hackers. PCI compliance helps build confidence and assures donors of their safety.

The non-profit fundraiser platform has facilitated many fundraising projects that have helped improve the lives of thousands of people. By donating to charitable programs, one is able to support humanity. Through your donations, you help a hungry child in Africa get food or a child in Syria to access medical attention.

You can also help make life better for millions of needy children across the world by visiting, create a donor account, launch your fundraiser, or register a non-profit organization.