Use donasity to Fundraise for Your School

Use donasity to Fundraise for Your School

Participating in school extracurricular activities improves a students odds for academic success, according to various studies. But many students are deprived of this benefit as there are many schools that simply do not have the necessary budget to support and offer extracurricular activities.

Fundraising offers a solution.

Parents and students have the opportunity to change things around. A community fundraising campaign has the ability to mobilize the entire neighborhood, bringing awareness to these activities and will make students feel like they are a part of the local scene.

Athletic booster clubs and other organizations already are using donasity to raise money. For example, the Creekside Knights Athletic Booster Club and the St. Johns County Education Foundation – Creekside High School, in the Jacksonville, Fla. area, are using donasity to raise money to support athletes and athletic programs as well as certain infrastructure programs.

Union Elementary in Union, Miss., is raising money through donasity to build a new school playground, and the Franklin Elementary School PTA in Hempstead, N.Y., also is using donasity to collect donations.

If you’re raising money for a school activity or program, you can put the students to work, too. A community fundraising campaign can help a child gain leadership skills, enhance a students communicative skills and assist them in working within a team environment, just to name a few. All of these traits are highly valued in the workforce.

Forming a booster club to raise money for something like a scholarship is a great idea, but this task might be hard to undertake without some assistance. An online donation website platform like donasity can help. This site is full of like-minded people and organizations that want to donate.

Parent and student groups just have to come up with the fundraising idea, and use this site to make sure the idea is a success. There is no reason why a child should miss the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Engaging in these types of fundraisers can open a world of possibilities.