donasity is a Superior Fundraising Platform

donasity is a Superior Fundraising Platform

Donating to good causes is a positive thing. In fact, studies show that those who donate live more fulfilling lives. It seems that people are wired to help others. It is an evolutionary trait that helps the species survive through the ages. Non-profits and local fundraising organizations are tapping into that truth. Organizations need a strong platform to aid their efforts, which is where donasity comes in.

Why Does donasity Stand Out?

This site is a premier online fundraising platform that has aided everything from a small charity to large crowdfunding efforts.

There are many reasons why those looking to start a crowdfunding effort or charity have chosen donasity. Donors pay a surprisingly low fee when compared to other platforms. Donors pay a 4.95 percent transaction fee, and that is all. This platform has no additional processing fees or hidden fees. There are no transaction, monthly, or annual fees. Fundraisers will receive 100 percent of the donations that were given to them, as long as the donor covers the transaction fee.

There are other options out there, but most of them require extra fees, which can end up costing non-profit organizations too much money when they are only trying to help others. donasity is cloud-based, so organizations do not have to worry about purchasing or downloading any additional software.

Secure Giving

There is no need to worry about security, because donasity’s security is top notch. Every transaction goes through state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology, promising the very best security. All data is protected through the Norton Symantec system, too. The site is even PCI, or Payment Card Industry, compliant, which means that all information remains 100 percent private.

These are just some of the ways donasity differs from other donation platforms. A non-profit has a lot of choices, but hopefully, these benefits make the right choice clear. By using donasity, charities can raise money without dealing with all the hassles you might normally experience, which should help you focus on what matters — helping people who need it.